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In order to join the "Bring Your Own Device" WiFi network you first need to provision each device you wish to use; all users can connect up to 4 devices. 

Provisioning is required so that your devices can be identified on the network for safeguarding purposes and to ensure the connection between your device and our network is as secure as possible.

If you are provisioning your device while off-site, please skip step 1. 

Android users please download and install the Cloudpath app from the Play Store, prior to following the steps below.

Step 1

Find and join the WiFi network called "St George's Connect".

Step 2

Open a web browser and navigate to "https://connect.stgeorgesweybridge.com" (the "s" in https:// is important!).

Step 3

Agree to the terms and conditions and select Start.

Step 4

Enter your network username and password, then click Continue.

Step 5

If this is the first device you are connecting, give the device a name and click Continue.

If you have previously registered a device, they will be listed here. You can remove old devices you might have since replaced by clicking Delete as outlined in blue. Please give the device you are provisioning a name and then click Continue.

Step 6

The final steps in the provisioning process differ depending on the type of device you are trying to connect. Please follow the relevant instructions for your device type. 


Please download the network wizard and launch it once downloaded. 

The wizard will then install the relevant certificates required to connect to the network. You must install all certificates in order for the WiFi to behave as expected once connected. 


Please download the network application and find it in your downloads folder. 

Double click the Cloudpath app and select Open to confirm.

You will need to enter your mac password and select update settings in order to allow the application to install the required network certificates. 



Please ensure to download the Cloudpath app from the Play Store prior to starting step 1 and follow the in app instructions. Once you receive a message indicating your device has been successfully configured, you may remove the app from your device. 


iPhones will download the network configuration as a profile that needs to be installed and trusted before your device will be able to connect. Please tap Close on the message as shown below and then open your settings app to continue. If you are asked for a PIN at any point, this will be the PIN for your phone. 

Tap Profile Downloaded and then tap Install, and then tap Install and then tap Install again.

Select Done and navigate to General > About, scroll to the bottom and tap Certificate Trust Settings.

You need to enable both root certificates as shown below. Once both buttons are green your device will connect to the internet as expected when on site. 


Congratulations, you have now provisioned your device onto the school WiFi network.
When on site, your device should be connected to: St George's BYOD 

If you experience any issues when your provisioning your device, please raise a ticket on the Service Desk so the team can assist.

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