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The what.

Chrome has been working as expected for you but now nothing happens when you try and launch it.

The why.

When Chrome launches, it uses a particular file and prevents it from being edited until Chrome closes. You have likely left another instance of Chrome open on another computer on the network somewhere so the Chrome on this PC cannot use the file it requires.

The how.

Go and close Chrome on the other PC! If you don't know where you have left yourself logged in, call the Service Desk and they will be able to assist you.

The when... will this not be a thing?

Unfortunately we can't control where Chrome looks for this file and right now it's hard coded to look in the part of your profile we redirect to a central location on the network. Things might change if Google adjust something on their end with an update or we adjust our infrastructure to work around it but there are a lot of potential consequences to consider before such a change can be implemented in our environment.

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