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Emails sent over the Internet are unencrypted by default. This means a hacker intercepting email traffic can read the contents. Follow these instructions to ensure confidential emails are protected from being intercepted and only the recipient can access the information.

Note that emails sent externally only will be encrypted! If you want to practise this, it will not work sending to your own, or a colleague's, School email address. Try sending an encrypted email from your School to a personal email account.

  1. In Outlook, compose your email as usual, and add any attachments required, but include this in the Subject line: EncryptThisEmail then you can add your own Subject text after that. For example:


Remember to add EncryptThisEmail somewhere in the subject line! Your email will not be encrypted without this.

    2. The email will automatically be encrypted by the email system. The recipient then receives this email advising of an encrypted email being sent, and clicks on the link to Read the message:

   3. Depending on the recipients email account (this is for Gmail), the following web page appears. We recommend using the One-time passcode:

   4. The recipient then receives an email with a One-time passcode:

   5. And enters this into the website displayed:

   6. The encrypted email is then displayed:

Any problems please let us know.

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