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Yes, your stylus will let you ink on any surface pro screen automatically, but if it’s actually connected by Bluetooth to your own surface pro it has a few extra features too.


Firstly, check it’s actually connected to your surface:

  1. Press the windows key and then type Bluetooth and choose to open up Bluetooth and other devices settings




  1. If your surface pen is already connected it will appear under the ‘mouse, keyboard and pen’ list of connected devices (along with its current battery level) like mine is below and you can skip past steps 3-5:



  1. If it is not listed as being connected then click on add Bluetooth or other device at the top:



  1. Choose to add a Bluetooth device:



  1. Hold down your stylus rubber end for 5-7 seconds until the green LED starts flashing on it (if it doesn’t start flashing then your pen will need a new AAAA battery from student services).  If it does start flashing then the pen should now appear in the list of devices that your surface pro can ‘see’.  Click on the pen from the list and your surface pro will now be connected to your surface pro 😊


Extra Features of a Bluetooth Connected Stylus


  1. Press the windows key and then type pen and choose to open up change your pen settings:




  1. Change any settings you want!  Set it for left-hand control if you’re left-handed.  Set up shortcuts at the bottom of the page for what your surface will do if you press the rubber end in once or twice or hold it in.  All sorts of little things you can get your pen to do.  Have a play around with all the settings!


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