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College Geography Department Only. To play a DVD on your Surface Pro, insert the DVD into the PC set up in your office, next to the printer, and follow these instructions. Note that only one DVD can be played at a time.

1) Once only, so for the first time - install a free DVD player from the Microsoft Store. Click on this link, then click on Get:

2) Allow access to the Microsoft Store - click on Open:

3) Click on Get:

4) Once installed you should see this:

5) Either click on the Open link above, or find this in the Start Menu:

6) If you get this annoying Window, just click on the X top right corner:

7) Click on Media then Open Disc...

8) Enter \\geography\d as the Disc device, and click on Play.

9) Use the Playback option to select the Titles and Chapters:

Once the DVD is playing, press F11 for full screen.

Any problems please contact the Service Desk on Teams or email servicedesk@stgeorgesweybridge.com 

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