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Reminder of the OneNote class sections:

  • Collaboration space can be edited by the teacher as well as all students
  • Content library can only be edited by teacher but can be viewed by students
  • Teacher only can only be edited and viewed by the teacher
  • Individual student areas can be edited and view by the teacher and the specific student


How to open OneNote:

  • Open up OneNote for Windows 10 in your windows menu.  Do not choose ‘OneNote’ as this is an older version.  I would right click OneNote for Windows 10 and ‘pin to taskbar’


How to create and activate a class notebook in Teams:

  1. Go to the Team for a particular class, and click on the ‘Class Notebook’ tab.  Depending on your Teams view, it will look like one of these views:

  1. Click on ‘set up a OneNote class notebook’ and choose ‘blank notebook’


  1. Click ‘next’ and ‘create’ for the next two windows and then let Teams spend 30 seconds building your OneNote.  You can use this OneNote notebook from within Teams but it’s a bit clunky so it’s better if…………………..


How to open the new class OneNote notebook in OneNote:

  1. Once you have activated a OneNote notebook in Teams then go to OneNote and click on the ‘name @ St George’s Weybridge’ dropdown menu in the top left of OneNote:



  1. Scroll down and click on ‘more notebooks’:



  1. Put a tick in the box of the notebooks you want to open.  Then click ‘open’.  These OneNote notebooks should then be saved forever in OneNote.

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